We provide bespoke training. Our most popular modules this year are:

    1. An introduction to cybercrime – How the dark web and social media is used to gather data, sell data, offer crime-as-a-service. and then launder proceeds.
    2. Legislation and regulation relating to fraud and cybercrime. What do you need to prove and how to comply with the law, burdens of proof and disclosure of evidence.
    3. Internet Interrogation and Open-Source Intelligence – Do you really know your client, customer, provider. or the business you are dealing with? We also include metadata and geolocation.
    4. Interview techniques – Using conversation management techniques to improve disclosure from witnesses and suspects over the phone and face to face.

For 121 training our most popular product is £350:00 plus VAT for a 90 minute live web module and also a 30 minute mentoring session around your specific aims.

Discounts are available for those who choose more than one module and for corporate clients who may wish to include multiple delegates.

We also provide specific training and support for those involved in validating insurance claims, retail transactions, providing credit and approving investments. Prices vary according to you needs and the duration of the training. Please use our contact page to arrange a scoping meeting and formal quote.