About Us

Our fraud consultants are from counter fraud, former law enforcement, and cyber security backgrounds. We also have access to former fraudsters who now help to fight fraud. This gives us a unique perspective, insight and abilities when it comes to fraud, cyber crime, and and which fraud solutions work best in specific environments. We have saved our clients hundreds of millions of pounds through fraud prevention, risk assessments, reviews, training, and effective investigation. 

Fraud and cyber frauds are growing at an alarming rate and it is now the most common crime in the UK. Estimates claim it is now between 40% and 53% of all UK crime and that is also reflected globally. We therefore ensure we are ahead of the game, and with our help you can be too.

Our experience covers insurance, business,banking, online retail, investor, and government fraud and our unique selling point is that we invest our resources into continuously researching current and emerging threats and ways to mitigate them. We are trusted by and provide advice to some of the leading counter fraud providers and teams.