Cath Williams – Counter Fraud Consultant

If you are looking for an all round fraud management expert then your search should stop with Peter.
I have known Peter for 30 years, several of those years reporting directly to him and he has always shown incredible commitment, passion, professionalism, knowledge and innovation in everything he has achieved within the fraud management arena.

​​​​​​​Peter knows how to engage with people in a way which makes them sit up, listen and take on board what he has to say whether he is in a training, corporate presentation or indeed an investigative interview environment. Over the 30 years of knowing Peter I have seen him adapt his expertise to stay at the top of his game now tackling the extensive cyber crime threats the modern world faces with the same passion and commitment he has always shown. I can highly recommend Peter Taylor.

Bev FitzGerald – MD at FitzGerald Consulting

When you deal with fraud it’s great to come across the genuine article. In financial services, especially insurance, Pete Taylor is that genuine article – a diamond counter-fraud investigator and trainer. Always the total professional, Pete also keeps himself on the leading edge, innovating his services with the latest techniques.

He’s been a superb support for our business for many years.

Ben Robertson – Owner Robertson & Co Investigations

We have known Peter for a number of years and his name has always been synonymous with excellence in the field of fraud investigation. His knowledge and understanding of how fraudsters operate and how best to combat and investigate them is second to none. This combined with his technical claims knowledge gives him a unique insight into insurance fraud as a whole.

More recently we have worked with him closely as a provider of fraud training. His ability to structure and bring course material to life using real world experience has ensure that training sessions he has delivered have been incredibly successful and well received.

Shams Aujara – Lecturer in International Business

Peter is an expert in fraud and cyber criminals who delivered an excellent training programme in September and October 2022 on Financial Crime Analysis for our delegates from the Economic Intelligence Unit team of the Central Bank of Nigeria. His training programme was tailored to meet their specific needs, and his delivery was engaging and professional.

Peter’s expertise in financial crime analysis was evident throughout the programme, providing valuable insights that were critical in identifying and preventing financial crimes. He demonstrated a deep understanding of the complexities involved in financial crime analysis, which is a testament to his knowledge and experience in this area.

Overall, I highly recommend Peter for his expertise in delivering financial crime training and his commitment to helping organisations strengthen their anti-financial crime measures. He is an outstanding professional who would be an asset to any organisation.

Thank you, Peter, for delivering such a valuable training programme.

Donna Emmett – Desktop Investigations

I first met Peter at the beginning of my investigation career in 2004 having previously worked as Loss Adjuster. He along with Dave Moore gave me an opportunity to progress my passion for fraud and pretty much taught me everything I know and everything I am today.

Peter always seemed to be ahead of everyone in the world of fraud. When everyone was still thinking that you had to look in the eyes of someone to decide whether they were telling the truth Peter found conversation management a quicker, cheaper way where ears are used to do the same thing.

if ever there is a new approach, new technique or current trend in the world of fraud you can guarantee Peter will know about it.

Peter’s knowlede in the world of fraud is second to none. I always say if Peter Taylor does not know it, then its not worth knowing. He is a strong leader. I have watched him grow and develope many investigation teams.

Peter is someone I hold the utmost respect for in the world of investigations, he is smart, kind, approachable and has always been there for me to offer help and advice whenever I have needed him.

Graeme Bell – Director – Insurance Claims
I have worked with Peter on and off over the last 20 years and have the highest regard for him in the field of fraud investigation where he has few equals. Such was my confidence in Peter’s ability that I had no hesitation in engaging him to review our fraud strategy and processes and, in less than 3 months, he has helped us reshape our entire approach to identifying and investigating suspicious claims. I now believe we have a fraud offering that is second to none and few people could have delivered this within the timescale which includes providing training to all internal staff.
Nathalie Crystal – Marketing Manager Global Loss Adjusters

I worked alongside Peter as his Personal Assistant for two years at Cunningham Lindsey. He was then Head of Investigation Services, with responsibility for over 100 colleagues.

A degree of my own career success can be attributed to his strengths as a mentor – he believed in investing in the development of his direct reports, giving them scope to learn and progress. Nearly everyone within his team went on to get a promotion of some sort or advance their career.

Peter is a natural communicator – a talent I particularly admire in my capacity as a marketer. He has a respected presence on LinkedIn and his posts often receive the highest levels of engagement.

Peter has always attracted respect from his peers and clients alike. He exudes gravitas yet is exceptionally personable – a rare combination that makes him much more than just the boss, but a true leader.

I have the fondest memories of working with Peter and it’s been great to track his own career which continues to go from strength to strength.

Ragini Gurumurthy – Software Engineer who took our mentoring program

I had approached Peter back in late Sept 2021 when I had come across his post on mentoring. At that time, I had spots of understanding and experiences surrounding financial crime, cybercrime and cyber security. Professionally speaking, these were realms I aspired to be a part of in the future. I had known that these realms were, in many respects, interlinked. The struggle I had was to see each area’s specialty and limitations clearly. That was where Peter had helped tremendously. He helped me see that there were terms that are now interchangeably used and that the lines were indeed getting a bit blurred, especially between cyber and financial crime. In addition, when it came to investigating these types of crime, what interview questions that had to be asked to victims and the accused made differences as well. I learnt that there are differences in investigating and collecting intelligence for both forms of crime. Furthermore, I learnt that it was natural to bring in some form of bias as I did that myself in a case study.

For instance, I had kept thinking that a fraudulent address was a programming mistake because I was there imagining that error in the HTML file. That was a crucial pointer I took away with me, given my own voluntary experience where I’m applying these intelligence gathering skills. Alongside the technical discussions, we had ventured into the psychology and the social issues that occur in these spaces that engage in such crimes as well.

My mentorship period with Peter had been holistic and productive, and it was a pleasure being a mentee of his for the last 4 months.

Tony Haresign – Cyber Security Manager – Energy Provider

If you are thinking about education in the areas of Cyber Crime, Fraud and OSINT then I would highly recommend taking one of Peter’s courses.
He mentored me over a number of weeks, covering these topics, which was not only presented in an easy to understand format, but also in depth and informative.

NB* Some of the information that he teaches you are unlikely to learn anywhere else.

Thankyou for giving me the knowledge to be able advise my clients in these areas with authority and confidence.

Claire Mallet – Financial Crime Manager Jaja Finance
Peter delivered a brilliant Fraud Talk to my employer for International Fraud Awareness Week; “What happened when a fraud investigator went behind enemy lines to interview cyber-criminals”. The talk was very well delivered and informative, my colleagues found it very interesting and it certainly opened everyone’s eyes to the dangers of fraud and cyber attacks.
Kevin John Regan – Founder Member of ABI Academy

Peter Taylor – The Fraud Guy gave two keynote presentations to the Association Of British Investigators Northern Branch in Manchester in July 2017 and July 2018. As one of the UK’s top Insurance investigators we were grateful for Peters insightful and expert presentations covering Insurance Claims Investigations. With Thanks from your colleagues at the Branch.

Nicholas Williams – CILEx Branch Chair

Peter brought a dynamic, engaging and enthusiastic approach to his speaking engagement last night and if it hadn’t have been for the limited time we had this meeting could have lasted hours for me!

An engaging speaker and interactive workshop already has me looking at when we can have ‘The Fraud Guy’ return. His stories had me hooked but I think the Branch only experienced the tip of the iceberg with regards to what Peter could teach us about Fraud… speaking of icebergs it got me wondering if the Titanic did really hit that Iceberg or if there was an element of fraud (I’ve checked and it seems legitimate).

If anyone is considering booking Peter to give your business a talk (or even if you’re not considering it)…book him.

You will not be disappointed! Thank you Fraud Guy!

Brett Johnson – Former Cyber Criminal and FBI Most Wanted

It is a rare thing when I can say that someone is as well versed in fraud as I am. Peter is that man. He is one of the most well versed people I have had the pleasure of meeting when it comes to countering fraud. He understands the tools, the technology, and the underlying dynamics of both real world and online fraud. More than that, Peter is one of those few people on the planet who truly understands people. He has the ability to quickly determine the mindset of a criminal and act to counter such.

Peter says he is “The Fraud Guy”. He certainly is. We need more people like him..

Paul Booth – Insurance Fraud Manager
Peter Taylor is a highly professional specialist in complex fraud investigation work. When I employed Peter’s team to work on complex fraud investigation work I expected his team to be well led, but the bonus was Peter’s own in-depth knowledge of how the fraudsters operate and how to catch them. I would relish the opportunity to work with him again.
Neil MacDonald – Project Manager
Peter Taylor provided me with some excellent consultancy when I was working to define technical claims & fraud management processes at Barclays. He has an in-depth knowledge of the industry and brings a great personal touch to the work he does with colleagues across the business. A pleasure to work with.”
Mike Faulkner – National Claims Manager
Having worked with Peter Taylor during my time at Cunningham Lindsey I got to appreciate his technical expertise, insight and innovation in the detection and prevention of insurance fraud. With the greatest of respect to all my other associates who specialise in the fraud arena, Peter is the expert I would always turn to first for his advice and guidance when dealing with this subject. I have no doubt that as a consultant many in the insurance and legal professions now have access to a true expert in his field.”