Counter Fraud & Cyber Crime Services

They want your money, assets, data and IPR and are taking £123 billion per annum in the UK. With us onboard you can prevent, detect and stop all types of fraud


We provide cost effective fraud and cyber investigations for insurers, online retailers, banks, business, local government, credit providers and victims of fraud

Classroom and Remote Training

Accredited, CPD and bespoke training across insurance claims, business, finance and organised cyber fraud

Projects, Events & Articles

Strategy, Audits, Reviews, Emerging risk research, White papers, Events and Workshops to put you at the forefront of fraud prevention


On site, field and remote (web based investigations) with pre-agreed fixed fees and specifications. Contact us for a free initial scoping call

  • Insurance claims fraud and validation including visits (where practicable), evidence gathering and a comprehensive technical report
  • Customer Due Diligence, Corporate, employment and work-place fraud delivered in accordance with HR and criminal law best practice
  • Investment & romance frauds such as crypto, forex and cyber scams
  • Internet Interrogation Open-Source Intelligence and company database – Do you really know your client, customer, employee, or the business you are about to invest in?

If you suspect you have been a victim of fraud use our contact page and we will come back to you promptly with ways we can help.


We provide bespoke training. Our most popular modules this year are:

  • Understanding cybercrime – How the dark web and social media is used to gather data, sell data, offer crime-as-a-service. and then launder proceeds
  • Legislation and regulation relating to fraud and cybercrime. What do you need to prove and how to comply with the law, burdens of proof and disclosure of evidence
  • Internet Interrogation and Open-Source Intelligence – Do you really know your client, customer, provider. or the business you are dealing with? We also include metadata
  • Interview techniques – Using conversation management techniques to improve disclosure from witnesses and suspects over the phone and face to face.

Classroom, webinar, or hybrid delivery. This can be 121 including mentoring, and via closed workshops for corporate clients

Technology & Fraud Solutions

Our partners and ourselves provide access to innovative and proven solutions that really work tp prevent and detect fraud in most environments.

Solutions include:

Fraud Abuse systems

Fraud controls & cyber assessment

Dark web and social media threat analysis

Data analytics

Layered Voice Analysis

Automated website monitoring, protection, and problem fixing

Mobile phone based fraud detection

We only recommend partners we have worked with and whom we believe provide a leading edge in fraud prevention. Mitigate your risks.

Consultancy Projects

Fraud systems and team reviews, strategy, policy and audits for continuous business improvement

Research and analysis of emerging trends and evolving issues for specific industries such as insurance, online retail, security, finance, and local government

Evaluation of proposed solutions and technology for counter fraud

Tap into our ongoing research with for fraudsters and cyber criminals to test your thinking and solutions

Innovative and unique ‘behind the lines’ articles, talks, and research into fraud related topics including white papers, product assessment, market advice

Our network has unrivalled experience of counter fraud and access to how criminals think and act. We know and understand them better than they understand themselves.

What we do for you

If you have concerns about fraud we take those problems and solve them in ways which are cost effective, efficient and objective

  • We make you more efficient so you can concentrate on the core of your business
  • We reduce your spend through the savings we provide and fraud we prevent
  • We are easy to do business with because of our long standing experience, innovative approach and flexible range of services

About Us

We design and deliver prevention, detection, containment and real time monitoring of all fraud and crime activity.


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Regular updates on matters fraud, investigation, training and general interest.

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